Event Organisers ‘Duty of Care’.
No matter what event you are having ‘large or small’ it is important that you have access to first aid supples and people who can administer first aid if needed. It is important to prepare for unexpected incidents and have a first aid kit available.

First Point of Contact First Aid
When holding an event it is important to have a designated area where people can seek first aid. This needs to be clearly sign posted and have a trained first aider to hand. For larger events it can be advised to contact you local ambulance service who will be able to guide you on the provisions you should offer.

Who Can Provide First Aid
Anyone can administer basic first aid for cuts, scrapes and falls. In more severe cases or sickness or injury the initial first responder may need to contact a doctor or ambulance service. When holding an event make sure key phone numbers are available that you have access to mobile phone coverage if a landline is not available.

There are many occasions when you will find that you need to have access to a mobile first aid kit.

Having a portable kit when visiting a work site or while in the bush can be an essential piece of equipment to provide immediate first aid.

All Safety have a great bum bag first aid kit that attaches easily around your waste with a comfortable strap. The kit includes essential items to treat small emergencies, knocks, grazes and falls.

A Cardiac Arrest is one of the biggest causes of death within Australia. Often it is possible to treat. In the majority of situations it is possible that a person will survive if defibrillation is provided quickly. This is usually within 5 minutes.

All Safety Products would like to see more defibrillators available to the public in workplaces and public areas. Defibrillators are easy to use and require minimal training.

Lives can be saved by placing Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in locations where people gather. 

Do Cardiac Arrests happen at the workplace?

Yes, a sudden cardiac arrest can occur suddenly. This can happen to men and women of all ages and contributes to 13% of deaths in workplaces across Australia.

When you work as a tradesman you are always vulnerable to the odd slip, fall or accident.

It is important that you are prepared if an emergency does occur. There are a number of workplace safety and tradesperson essentials that you should ensure you have available.

All Safety Products recommends the following essentail safety kit items:

1. Every tradesman should have a first aid kit handy in their van or workshop. These first aid kits contain many of the essential items that you may need when an accident occurs. Al Safety stock both wall mounted first aid kits and more portable versions as backpack or handy carry cases.

We have a prepared a list of questions you can work through to ensure that you and your staff have adequate first aid supplies available within your Perth workplace.

• Do you have first aid kits and medical supplies that suit the hazards at your workplace?
• Are there enough first aid kits available at your workplace?
• Are staff and workers familiar with where kits are located?
• Do you have a trained first-aider on site?
• Are first aid kits accessible to workers?
• Are first aid kits well maintained and fully stocked?
• Is there a medical room or designated area where first aid can take place?
• Are first aid facilities well maintained?
• Do first aiders have the skills and competencies required of them and are their skills up-to-date?
• Do staff know who the the first aiders are at your business and how to contact them.
• Are more first aiders needed?
• Do workers have access to first aiders at all times?
• Do your staff and visitors know what to do in the event of an emergency?
• Is there easy access for emergency services, such as parking for an ambulance?

If you would like to purchase first aid supplies then please visit our online store click here

For larger wholesale orders please call us on 1300 21040

You can also book an appointment with one of our advisors who will visit your business and give advice on the best first aid supplies to have at your workplace and where to place these.


Everyone has likely spotted one in their workplace or perhaps at a public venue or even discreetly tucked away in a cupboard at home but did you ever wonder why first aid kits are so essential to have on hand?

When you work within an industry that requires you to often work independently, to attend construction zones as well as a wide range of homes and buildings around Perth, safety should be a top priority. That's why tradespeople of all sorts need to have an up-to-date stock of safety equipment stored in their ute or van in case of an emergency.

The nature of sports clubs lends itself to an atmosphere of exertion and exhilaration but this also comes with the ever-present risk of injury during training and games. And thus having a well-stocked first aid kit should be a top priority for Perth sports club management.

Childcare centres have an enormous responsibility − they are in charge of looking after our most valuable treasure, our children, and they take this responsibility very seriously. While they aim to create safe play environments for children, it is inevitable that even under careful supervision, there will always be spills and knocks when little ones play.

All Safety Products have a range of first aid products and supplies that are ”CERTIFIED AND APPROVED" to the relevant Australian Standards and BSI Benchmarks.

All Safety Products are pleased to offer advice and give information on first aid supplies that you may need for your nursing home or facility. We are also available to visit you onsite to discuss your needs and draw up a complete package for your care home. Visits are available in the Perth Metro area. Country visits will incur travel fees.

Also you are available to buy our products directly at our online store 24/7.

CONFORMING BANDAGES: Cost effective bandage with excellent conforming attributes, it's important to note that the length given refers to the "stretched" length of the bandage. Three types of conforming bandages are:

Standard Conforming: durable and suitable for dressing retention

Heavy Weight: Used to support spains and strains and in turn comfort limbs and joints (usually brown in colour)

Premium: Used when "extra firm" support is needed for sprains and strains.

CREPE BANDAGES: Light, Medium or Heavy cotton elastic bandages, recommended for "low" support requirements. Ideally suited for immobilisaton and compression. Once again length refers to the "stretched" length of the bandage

COHESIVE BANDAGES: Has the unique attribute to "stick to itself" and not to the skin. This type of bandage can be torn to size and ideal for retention of dressings and general support.

TRIANGULAR BANDAGES: Used to immobilise, support and correct arms, shoulders and ribs.

1. Calico Triangular Bandage: re-usable and washable

2. Non-Woven Bandage: disposable single use

Combine Dressing: recommended where a highly absorbant dressing is required for large and heavy bleeding wounds (4 different sizes)

Wound Dressing: General purpose, highly absorbant, non adhesive pad attached to a conforming gauze bandage (3 different sizes)

Low adherent dressing: recommended for treating cuts, grazes and minor burns. Has a special low adherent film on both sides of the pad to minimise sticking. Ultra absorbant, therefore ideal for weeping and bleeding wounds

Gauze Swabs: highly absorbant cotton swab with a balance of softness and abrasive. Ideal for soaking in a cleaning fluid to clean and prepare a wound for dressing



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