5 Essential Safety Products For Perth Tradies - Stay Work Safe!

2. You need to stand out when working on site. It is a good idea to have high visibility vests and signage. This helps to prevent accident or minor mishaps. All Safety Products stock a selection of vests, signage, reflector kits, torches (emergency batons) and safety gear.

3. Head, Eye and Ear Protection - There is nothing more important than keeping yourself and your team safe when you are working onsite. All Safety have a huge selection of workplace safety products including face shields, safety gloves, safety glasses, hard hats and ear muffs. All our gear is made to Australian Standards. We have the best connections to get you the best prices on safety gear.
It is surprisingly how often these items will protect you from both minor and severe injury. Please don’t overlook these items when working on your next job!

4. Fire Safety Products - Many tradespeople will work in areas that require heat or naked flames such as electrical or plumbing work. A simple fire extinguisher, fire blanket and burn creams and gels should be important items to have handy.

5. Sunscreens & Repellants - A tradie will often come into contact with nature. Working on hot summer days, working in areas where there are flies, insects and maybe even the odd snake are extremely common in Australia. All Safety Products have a good selections of creams, gels and repellants to keep you protected from the harsh Aussie environment. Buy Sunscreen/ Repellants/ Rehydration at unbeatable prices.

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