Automated External Defibrillators Perth (AEDs)

There are many factors that can lead to a sudden cardiac arrest within the workplace and below our some situations where a defibrillator may be needed:

  • Work sites where high voltage and electrical equipment is used.
  • Gyms/ sporting locations where people are increasing heart rates while training.
  • Workplaces with older employees or that deal with older customers.
  • Urban locations where it is difficult for emergency responders to get to quickly due to traffic, crowds of people. 
  • Remote locations where it may take emergency responders time to get to arrive
  • Areas which have tight security controls or difficult to navigate.
  • Event or locations where large crowds gather.

Should an Employer purchase a defibrillator?

Helping to keep your employees safe and protected within a workplace is something that every employer should care about. Your company should work together with Emergency Safety Personnel and workplace safety guidelines to ensure your staff are safe.

When a sudden cardiac arrest occurs a defibrillator shock to the heart is the best chances of survival. This needs to be administered within the first 5 minutes. For every minute after this the success of defibrillation will decrease by 10%. After 10 minutes there is no real chance of a person being able to be revived.

Having a defibrillator nearby would increase survival rates substantially.

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