Medical Supplies for Events

Event Organisers ‘Duty of Care’.
No matter what event you are having ‘large or small’ it is important that you have access to first aid supples and people who can administer first aid if needed. It is important to prepare for unexpected incidents and have a first aid kit available.

First Point of Contact First Aid
When holding an event it is important to have a designated area where people can seek first aid. This needs to be clearly sign posted and have a trained first aider to hand. For larger events it can be advised to contact you local ambulance service who will be able to guide you on the provisions you should offer.

Who Can Provide First Aid
Anyone can administer basic first aid for cuts, scrapes and falls. In more severe cases or sickness or injury the initial first responder may need to contact a doctor or ambulance service. When holding an event make sure key phone numbers are available that you have access to mobile phone coverage if a landline is not available.

Event Checklist:

1. Get the details right:
Plan the amount of people who will be attending your event, where will you be holding your event? what type of event will you be having? who will be attending and the time of event?

2. Notify the right people:
Get in touch with local ambulance services and local council. It’s best to get these people involved from the start so everything is full prepared for.You will need to give as much information as possible so professionals can advise on first aid posts and what first aid personnel you need to have at your event.

3. Getting it right on the day.
Ensure all lines of communication are worked out in advance. Decide on how your team will communicate with each other during the day e.g.. mobile, walkie talkies etc.

4. Staff Uniforms and Equipment
High Visibility Uniforms, Gloves, Mobile First Aid Packs, Bumbags and Backpacks are ideal essentials for your first aid team. Buy Online Here

5. Prepare your Medical Space
Having a designated room, tent or space is required at most events. This needs to be fully stocked and equipped. Please see a list of recommended products Buy Online Here

If you need more assistance with event set up then we can provide a no obligation consultation at your location or you can call us on 1300 210 409