First aid kits for childcare centres

Childcare centres have an enormous responsibility − they are in charge of looking after our most valuable treasure, our children, and they take this responsibility very seriously. While they aim to create safe play environments for children, it is inevitable that even under careful supervision, there will always be spills and knocks when little ones play.

That's why it is essential that childcare centre first aid kits are always stocked, up-to-date and ready in case of any minor injury, with bandages, wound dressings, antiseptic spray, bandaids and instant cold packs being key components to any kit. Childcare centres must adhere to strict regulations regarding first aid kits in their facilities − this includes assessing the number of children and staff when determining how many first aid kits to have on the premises, and where they will be stowed. Consulting a guide such as Safe Work Australia Model Code of Practice - First Aid in the Workplace will ensure first aid kits are stocked with the right equipment for each facility. In Perth and regional WA, childcare centre management have another resource to turn to, the Childcare Association of WA, which delivers information on regulations and current issues affecting the children's services industry.

Responding to injuries in a timely and professional manner are important caregiver responsibilities, and first aid kits are essential tools to assist in this task.

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