Perth First Aid Suppliers: First aid equipment for sports clubs

The nature of sports clubs lends itself to an atmosphere of exertion and exhilaration but this also comes with the ever-present risk of injury during training and games. And thus having a well-stocked first aid kit should be a top priority for Perth sports club management.

So, what are the essential elements for the first aid kits for your organisation?

Firstly, having appropriate signage to direct people to the kits in an emergency is critical and choosing locations which are easily accessible from the playing fields and in the change rooms is important as well. Aside from signs indicating where the kits are located, consider putting up posters on the steps for resuscitation and first aid basics.

As for the first aid kits themselves, consider installing a large wall mount in the change rooms, packed with conforming bandages, cotton balls, eye pads, ice packs, an emergency blanket and more. Smaller first aid kits should be on hand with coaches and players on the field for easier access.

Your club's first aid kits should be audited on a regular basis, using a checklist to ensure all items are present and up-to-date.

Anything out of date needs to be disposed of and replaced and it's a good idea to have several checklists in the kits ready to go. To keep costs down, consider building a relationship with your local chemist in order to obtain discounted or sponsored materials to re-fill your club's first aid kit.

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