Workplace Safety. Tradespeople make sure you are prepared for an emergency

When you work within an industry that requires you to often work independently, to attend construction zones as well as a wide range of homes and buildings around Perth, safety should be a top priority. That's why tradespeople of all sorts need to have an up-to-date stock of safety equipment stored in their ute or van in case of an emergency.

Emergencies can occur at any time, whether it be a road accident or a work site incident and one of the best ways to be prepared is by storing a comprehensive vehicle safety kit on board. Used by many large vehicle fleets around Australia, our kit features:

  • Heavy duty high-vis kit bag
  • First aid kit
  • Torch - LED Dynamo
  • Hi-vis work gloves
  • Pair of wheel chocks
  • Reflector triangle
  • High visibility vest

The go-to gear in this kit will help you to demonstrate that you are addressing your health and safety obligations at each work site, whether it be a factory or a residential home that you visit, and will ensure you are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Make sure that you are full prepared in the case of emergency. Browse our wide range of workplace safety products that are available to purchase online click here