Why first aid kits are a must-have

Well, the answer is simple − having a first aid kit at the ready ensures that in the case of an accident or injury, a person can receive immediate treatment before being assessed by a medical professional. And in some cases, such as snake bite and heavy bleeding, this can be a matter of life and death. A first aid kit is essentially a storage area for items that are used during the process of delivering first aid. This may include bandages, splints, disinfectant, resuscitation mask and accident report forms, amongst other items.

Life is full of slips and trips which is why first aid kits are a must-have for many different elements to everyday life. This includes driving so have a car first aid kit stowed in the boot of your car, and there's always a need for a kit in your kitchen at home and in your workshop in the shed.

When we engage in outdoor activities such as bush walking, for example, a first aid kit needs to be on the must-have list to be ticked off as part of your gear. Sprained ankles, cuts, and bruises inevitably occur when bush walking and in the extreme case of a snake bite, it can be treated with your snake bite kit before seeking urgent medical assistance.

Public swimming pools are another location where first aid kits are a must. In fact, the WA Public Health Guidelines dictate that first aid kits are to be provided and first aid equipment should be located as to be readily accessible for use. The kits must be up-to-date and ideally should include a wall mount first aid cabinet that is stored in a well-marked location and is also sign posted for increased visibility for staff.

Ultimately, there's no better way to be prepared for accidents in life than to have a well-stocked first aid kit on hand.

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