Burns Treatments


The majority of burns are minor and can be treated if you are prepared. All Safety Products offer a great selection of burn treatments to purchase online.

Remember: It is important that if you have a workforce who work in an area such as a kitchen, manufacturing facility where they could come in to contact with heat or chemicals and get burned that you have some burn treatments available to use. 

All Safety Products range includes

  • Sterile gels
  • Impregnated burn dressings
  • Sprays, Gels Sachets & Tubes

Sterile gel impregnated burn dressings, sprays, gel sachets & tubes.

Burns treatments

Colspy cool spray - 250g $ 11.00
Burgsc burnaid - 3.5g sachets $ 1.00 
Burg25 burnaid gel - 25g tube $ 6.60 
Burg50 burnaid gel - 50g tube $ 9.90 
Bursht burn sheet sterile 75cm x 75cm $ 13.20 
Bur1010 burnaid dressing 10cm x 10cm $ 6.60 

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